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Smart Window Solutions

Established in 2006 with excellent achievements, leading experts in the door, window opening systems in Vietnam, our exemplary founders are trained, trained, and trained from Germany, America, Japan returns, We are a winning team with a history of formation and development thanks to the Smart Window & Doors Code of Conduct 

"Trust, Respect and Commitment" 

Co-Founder : TONY TC

The key to our success is a partnership based on trust and cooperation, both within the organization and with our business partners. Trust, respect and commitment are a strong foundation.

Our main fields of activity:

(1) Invest in warehouse rental for: Storage of goods, dry storage, cool storage, cold storage with dedicated professional transportation partners.
(2) Investing, consulting, and managing long-term rental of facilities, factories, and offices for production and business in Central Vietnam
(3) Design - Construction - Operation - Exploitation: Renewable energy power system; wind power, solar power,...
(4) Design - Training - Production - Construction: Aluminum industry, new materials, Polymer, PVC, Interior and exterior non-ferrous metals,...
(5) Consulting - Design - Construction: Legendary golf course.


As a Vietnamese private company, we bear specific responsibilities. Our good reputation is founded on the daily commitment of our employees in their daily work. This "Smart Code of Conduct" supports us in upholding our rights, responsibilities and legal compliance, while also being mindful of human values and the tangible and intangible environment in which our employees work. living.






Email: hiep.nguyen@smart.vn

Smart Window Solutions
Our Responsibility
For customers
For customers

Smart is present in Vietnam with the mission of bringing a better, more sustainable, and safer quality of life through providing world-leading, high-quality door systems at reasonable prices. Smart Window products supplied to the market are present in prestigious projects, super luxury villas, 5-star and over 5-star resorts, technology factories and multinational corporations from Germany. , USA, Japan,... Products are designed, raw materials are selected, production technology, high level of craftsmanship, dedicated to production and perfection. The products have the following requirements: calculating and measuring the ability to withstand storms, high pressure rain, soundproofing level, quietness, interior and exterior architectural aesthetics, opening and closing structures, internal traffic and Especially suitable for feng shui with homeowners' health and success. Please call us: 0901 140 150 if you are not satisfied.

For Architects, Engineers

"We have never seen any prestigious project without the hands of a great Architect." The architect is the creator of a happy home, an asset for the homeowner and a legacy for timeless Urban Architecture. We own door solutions, glass structure solutions, aluminum structures, locking solutions, smart controls, etc. that can help best realize great and special architectural ideas. We have the responsibility and capacity to take responsibility beyond our own reputation with architects supporting us with trust and love for the assigned tasks.


For contractors and commercial agents
A potential and prestigious place for partners. Smart Window has strong potential in: design capacity, structural load calculation to meet high standards of ASTM, DIN, JIS, CE, TCVN,... Factory facilities, yards, Germany's world-leading warehouse, machinery and equipment systems and technology. A team of experts and managers with over 10 years and 20 years of experience in the domestic and foreign door industry. Production and processing teams are professionally trained and regularly retrained. The Smart Window Solutions brand has been present in Vietnam for more than 15 years and has been associated with prestigious names of leading projects in Vietnam such as: Groz Beckert Group, Hino Group, Banyan Tree Group, Petrovietnam Group, Lixil Group, FPT, Dinco, Lighthouse, CDC, Vinaconex, Thanh Quan,...
Be a fulcrum to shine talent for employees

Be a fulcrum to shine talent for employees: With policies, foundations and guidelines being focused on building at the Company

Our Core Values
hustle and bustle
hustle and bustle

Embrace hustle as a way of life and work Building a career is difficult. It requires us to do difficult, sometimes tedious and unsatisfying tasks. If we want more clients or work, no one will give it to us. We have to hustle. Carry out marketing, direct sales, through customer meetings or any channel used for growth. And if we want to advance within the company, we must collaboratively lead our team effectively, strategically, exceed our goals, and excel in our daily work. There will be no shortcuts, focus on work, we must embrace the hustle, hustle is a way of life, we must work hard, be resourceful and stay motivated to achieve our goals mine. Embracing the hustle means taking ownership of your dreams and being willing to do the work necessary to achieve them.

We persistently pursue the truth, respect the truth, know right from wrong, do not judge or criticize, always look forward. Our integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is monitoring or watching us

Success is never a big step into the future, success is a small step just taken. Smart people are dedicated to their work, value their work and courageously devote themselves to their work, without whining and looking for reasons. Always look forward, think positively, act positively, create positive results. Always use a serious attitude to work, be able to carry out work, be ready to respond to any situation that may arise, always proactively think about the next step, even prepare before your superiors. The spirit of love for our profession is an effective way for us to overcome difficult times in our careers. The spirit of loving one's job and having ideals is also a belief, a career aspiration, a goal to strive for in the future, working is the way for Smart people to live in this life, their career is most glorious. Thanks to the spirit of love for our profession, we are the ones who own the right to master our work.


We cannot do two things at the same time, but if we focus our time on one specific task, we will complete many tasks in a day. If we run after two rabbits at the same time, we won't catch either one.